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    'A Life Half Lived' on TV.

    A Life Half Lived: Out Now!

    Life Half Lived, an autobiography. New Holland Press.

    Review By Sally J Seward

    The Asian tsunami, Pakistani earthquake, Rwandan genocide: we see the images and donate to the appeals. Is there really anything else we can do? Yes, asserts humanitarian businessman, Andrew Macleod in his insightful part-biographical book, A Life Half Lived. Here he provides a balance to the media coverage then demands you look even closer.

    He offers a unique perspective: the humanitarian aid worker on the bloodied ground, learns the ropes, rises to Chief of Operations in the aftermath of the 2005 Pakistani earthquake. With his sharp lawyer’s mind and honest style, he also writes of the brutality of war, thousands of rotting corpses in a Rwandan church, and how sights like this have becomes scars on his soul.

    Macleod coordinated huge relief programmes and reveals surprising behind-the-scenes facts about high profile international aid agencies. We live with instant gratification and desensitizing images at our fingertips, so to bring life’s fragility and human frailty into such sharp focus in this written form is a welcome change.

    Today, Macleod is on a mission to encourage an open discussion about poverty issues, how to measure aid effectiveness, how to bring innovation and business focus to the arena, making problems and solutions transparent. He was inspired on his life’s journey by the words spoken during a college lecture and it’s fitting now that his words should inspire others to join the discussion. His last words in A Life Half Lived are, “Are you up to that challenge?” So, are you?

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